Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That week...

It's only Tuesday but I feel like I've been through a week's worth of stuff already!  Not only did I fall off of a chair yesterday (trying to kill a spider on the ceiling) but I hurt my foot and leg in the process.  WHEN did I turn OLD???  I laid on the floor while my kids gathered around looking terrified.  I was scared to death that they were going to call 911 or make a guerney to lift me onto.  Between that, school, decorating for Halloween (which meant getting costumes ready, baking, and bringing out the candles and lights), I'm so ready for the weekend!  However, I did get something REALLY cool for myself!  Vampire fangs!  Found them at the Halloween store!  Definitely going to be a vampire for Halloween.  Who wouldn't be with such cool fangs?!! Pics will come soon enough.  So, tomorrow is Hump Day and it's already been a week or should I say...that week!!!!  ARGH!

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