Friday, June 10, 2011


This pic says it all.  I've been thinking alot about this lately.  Friends, family, what direction to take.  So, right now, I'm taking everything day by day and trying to enjoy my life.  I'm enjoying spending time with my kids this summer while we do alot of nothing.  LOL!  Life is too short to be constantly worrying about things (which I have a tendancy to do) or overanalyze.  So, HAPPY Friday to you all!!!

Blessings to YOU!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Important Things

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I love this quote because it's true.  We do not need things to make us happy.  For me, it's the smell of my kids after they get out of the bath and then hopping in my bed to snuggle with me.  Reading a good book on a rainy day, laughing at my best friend and realizing that we both may really be nutty.  All of these fill my heart with joy and all of these little things are not materialistic, they are true happiness.  Something that you can't hold in your hand but something that you can hold in your heart.  Hoping that everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!