Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm back:)

I've been taking a break from blogging for a few reasons.   My kids broke my laptop (insert BIG frowny face), this summer has been chaotic, and I've been going through a tough time figuring out what how to get this fibro and RA under control (and I think that I have). 

The kids started another year of their virtual school.  I love having them home with me on a daily basis because we only have them for a very short time before they grow up and move out.  I love getting to see them learn new things and become more independent.  Especially my 5 yr old.  This is his first year of school and he seems so eager to learn for about 30 min.  After that, forget it. 

I took a break from eating all raw foods but now am back to eating raw and vegan!  I really noticed a difference about the way that I feel when i'm not eating healthier.  Green tea has become my best friend and I drink about 3-4 cups a day.  I'm trying out all sorts of yummy recipes so i'll post some later. 

I know that Halloween is coming up but do you think that it's too early to decorate for Christmas?  LOL!


Friday, June 10, 2011


This pic says it all.  I've been thinking alot about this lately.  Friends, family, what direction to take.  So, right now, I'm taking everything day by day and trying to enjoy my life.  I'm enjoying spending time with my kids this summer while we do alot of nothing.  LOL!  Life is too short to be constantly worrying about things (which I have a tendancy to do) or overanalyze.  So, HAPPY Friday to you all!!!

Blessings to YOU!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Important Things

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I love this quote because it's true.  We do not need things to make us happy.  For me, it's the smell of my kids after they get out of the bath and then hopping in my bed to snuggle with me.  Reading a good book on a rainy day, laughing at my best friend and realizing that we both may really be nutty.  All of these fill my heart with joy and all of these little things are not materialistic, they are true happiness.  Something that you can't hold in your hand but something that you can hold in your heart.  Hoping that everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer, here we come

I'm so excited that summer is almost here and we'll be done with school, have lots of time in the sun, and still planning a vacation or maybe a few mini ones. The past school year has flown by and I can't believe that I'll have a 3rd grader, 6th grader, and a kindergartener next year! Wow! Where has the time gone.
This past weekend, my nephew (who I used to keep as an infant), turned three. He had such a cute birthday party at the fire department! What a great idea for a party!

What a great way to spend a Saturday!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer's almost here...

So many things have been going on lately and I'm so excited about summer coming up, new doors opening in my life, and other doors closing.  The school year is almost over for the kids and I'm not at all sad that they'll be out for the summer!  LOL!   However, my youngest will be heading to kindergarten next year. 
I've been really working on my jewelry this week and I've been also trying new mediums.  I'm loving the polymer clay so I've spent alot of time shaping and glazing.  I'll be adding new things to my etsy shop in the next couple of days. 
I'm still juicing greens and as long as I get sleep at night, I feel ok through the day.  I don't think that I've actually felt good in so long and by the end of the day, my body hurts so bad.  However, I'm determined not to let these chronic diseases get me down! 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Weekend

Friday evening, my friend Cyndi and I did a 5K. Nope, we didn't run the whole thing but we did alternate between jogging and walking. It was a huge step for us nonrunners!
There were quite a few steep hills and stations where people were handing out water. It definitely wasn't as hard as I thought that it would be but let me tell ya, my body is paying for it this week!!! I'm glad that I did it, though! Cyndi was an inspiration and I can mark that off my bucket list:)

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I had another pic of the finish line but for some reason, it's not letting me post!  Argh!  That finish line sure was a wonderful sight!  LOL!

Everyone have a wonderful week! 


Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been a week

Happy Friday!  I've been out of the loop here for a couple of weeks due to flareups with my RA and Fibro.  I have also been battling insomnia, so it doesn't help my pain when I don't sleep.  However, I feel better today and I'm actually heading to one of my best friends houses this weekend to do a 5K!   Yikes!  Don't think that we'll run the whole thing but I at least want to say that I've done one!  I just feel so blessed that i'm able to walk and run (if I wanted to) right now when there are so many people out there that can't.  I'm back on my complete raw diet with extra green juicing.  I feel so much better when I eat this way but I do have my cheat days.  My willpower just goes and either chips or sweets overpower me!  LOL! 

This weekend I'll be posting photos of the 5K and some new pieces of jewelry that I've been working on!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings to you all!!