Monday, October 18, 2010

Field trip to Cowpens, SC

What a beautiful time of year, when the leaves are turning and the weather is getting a tad cooler!  Friday, our school went on a field trip to Cowpens, since some of our students are studying the Revolutionary War.  The kids had a great time being outdoors but I do have to say that the tourguide was quite longwinded.  I'm not exactly sure at all what he was talking about.  However, I did find out that he's 75 and has been married for more than 50 yrs!  Wow, that's wonderful but has nothing to do with our trip.  I'm going to post some pics.  Sadly, I felt like I was taking alot of pictures of trees and grass:|

Well, this is the only pic letting me post, but you get the drift.  They pretty much all look like this!  Beautiful!!
Have a Glorious Monday guys!!!

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  1. PRetty picture.. I'm giggling about your interest in the guide's story, more than the story he was telling! You such a ppl person! <3 it!