Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegan Valentines Day

Ok, being vegan sometimes has it's challenges when it comes to feeding kids.  However, I found some amazing recipes that I'm going to try my hand at!  Lately I've been on a plant based diet and I can feel changes in my body everyday, but I have to share with you these yummy ideas!!! 
Baby spinach salad with raspberry vinagrette!  My kids LOVE this salad!!! It's delectable!

Chocolate Tofu mousse.  Yet another one that is a crowd pleaser!!!  So, I've decided to make these special dishes for my lovies for Valentines Day!  You can find these recipes @

Now, to figure out what I'm going to get myself for the Vday:)  That's the drawback to being single!  Oh well, have a wonderful Wednesday!!! 

Peace, hugs, and blessings!!!

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