Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, I have been reading lots of stuff about soapnuts lately and decided to give them a try!  I ordered just a few to being with because, come on, how good these little, brown fruit hulls be when it comes to getting laundry clean?  I took them out of the package and stared at them for a while little bit.  I put about four in a muslin bag and stuck them in the laundry with a little bit of essential oil.  AND...I have to say that they worked GREAT!!!!  Believe it or not, these little things actually got my laundry clean and they smelled fresh!  I do believe that if you have something pretty dirty, then you need to use a scoop of Oxy.  However, I'm giving these two thumbs up!  Thought that I would share with you! "

Here's a little info from wikipedia:
 Soap Nuts are natural soap berries that the Johnsons have been importing from from South Asian counties like India and Nepal since 2008. They contain large quantities of saponin in their shells and as such, act as a natural detergent.[3][5][6] The reason they are considered eco-friendly is not only because they are a natural resource but also because they are antimicrobial and biodegradable.[7"

These are the funky looking soapnuts.  They don't look like they would clean your laundry, huh?

...and that's all folks!



  1. I love soap nuts, too!
    I used them for awhile, and later switched to Charlie's Laundry Powder.
    Love that there are some really good chemical-free products available now!!!

  2. i'm ordering these today! i'm trying to cut back on my plastic and these have come up on a few sites i've checked a natural alternative without the packaging. i remembered seeing this post and thought i would let you know!