Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have been debating whether or not I should open an etsy store to sale my jewelry or market it somehow.  I'm having trouble getting passed being scared!  What if it's not good enough?  What if no one likes it?  Why can't I get past this?  Why can't I just have faith?  All of these things go through my head over and over again.  I don't expect everyone to love my peices but I guess it's the fear of failure.  I'm just going to have to get over it do it!  Like my 10 yr. old told me "MOM, JUST DO IT, ALREADY"!  LOL!  Well, I guess that I should say...stay tuned...:):)

Love and blessings!


  1. Go for it Kristi; Etsy is a huge place, so be gracious with yourself if you don't get sales for a while, giving people a chance to find you. And post it everywhere that you've uploaded your stuff, so that all your cybernetworks can find you, too. :) I'm in full support! It is an ongoing battle for artists to know if they are worth it and if their work is "good enough." If you enjoyed making it, then it is good enough. ;) Just my two cents. (I'll get off my soapbox)

  2. Thank you Karyn! I love your positive encouragement! I am going to do it this week! I feel like a wimp but I'm going to go ahead and suck it up! LOL!

  3. i'm with cyndi and it! if you don't try then you'll never know and you'll always wonder. give it your attention and it will thrive!

  4. Do it! I just viewed your pictures. Oh my! I believe you're getting better with each piece! They are absolutely gorgeous. Remember that Etsy is a rather large site, so be patient.
    By the way, Grandma would be so very proud to know that you're using her china to show off your talents. I love it!