Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Day

Wow!  What a weekend!  I had a rough week last week so I'm glad to wake up this morning and it's a new day!  The sun is shining and I actually feel...BETTER than I have in a while.  After two hospital visits, a gazillion tests, and lots of blood drawn, the conclusion was that I am having RA flareups in my back which led to cortizone shots.  I wasn't sleeping and literally couldn't lay on my back.  I completely thought that my back was giving out on me and that brought on MAJOR anxiety.  So, came home yesterday, took something to sleep, and feel as though I may have made it over the hump.  Having days like I've had this past week really makes you appreciate the good days that you have.  A day of not hurting is a day for celebration!

On another note, I read the first chapter of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts and felt so much through that one chapter!  I cried and had to go hug my kids and just smell there scents and hear them laugh!  I encourage every one of you to read that book if you get the chance! 

I'll get back to posting my thousand things that I'm grateful for, but today I may need to take it easy.  I want to keep having days like today:)

Hugs and blessings!!

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  1. oh wow...i'm so sorry to read about your weekend! my sister-in-law battles r.a. i know the pain can get to be terrible for her! i {re}read the first chapter too...i thought it was wonderful! it's going to be hard to not read the whole book in one sitting! take it easy...listen to your body...i'll keep you in my thoughts. happy tuesday!