Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love homeschooling my kids.  I do, really!  However, by lunch, I'm ready to hide in a closet or hop in a hot bath.  It's my 5th grader!  My daughter who struggles with her studies she takes after me because school is NOT like it was when I was in school!  They are doing highschool stuff when still in elementary school!  Oh, and the math.  Yeah, the math.  It's NOTHING like it was when I was younger!  I have to really study to explain it to her.  Either I'm REALLY old or things have REALLY changed!  I'd like to go with the latter!!!  All of you teachers out there, you deserve awards!  Hmmm, does that mean that I deserve one too??? 

Peace, hugs, and blessings!!


  1. Obviously, you are doing a great job since they made straight A's!! You're amazing!!!

  2. yes- you (we) deserve awards! (and a raise! lol) homeschooling is the best though! i love love love it too! i have a 5th/4th grader as well- he's 9 yrs. - i'd love to chat w you about what ya'll are working on- maybe we could brainstorm ideas... (2 heads better)