Wednesday, March 9, 2011

iPhone Pictures

I finally figured out how to download pictures off of my iphone.  Yes, after I did it, I felt absolutely ridiculous b/c it was probably the easiest thing to do.  None the less, I'm going to post some pics that were on my phone...just because. 
These are some wonderful little lavender bags that I made to stick in pillowcases!  Smells delicious and it's soothing!

This is the wheatgrass that I bought and had a crazy idea that I would juice this stuff.  First of all, it took a bit of time to juice it AND you could smell it throughout the whole kitchen for a while.  Definintely worth the benefits.  I just need a wheatgrass juicer:)

This is my daughter's hair.  Right now in the pic, she sorta looks like cousin It or the girl from The Grudge, but she and I decided to put pink highlights in our hair!  Mine weren't as noticable since I put mine kind of under the top layer but she wanted hers to stand out!  Yes, she's 11, don't judge me, they wash four weeks.

My baby goes through a different dress up stage pretty much every week.  He watched The Karate Kid (the original) and that is why he has the bandana on.  He dressed like this for about about two weeks.

So, last week, he was all about this sports coat.  He wore it everywhere.  As you can see in the pic, we were at the store.  Yep, if he could've slept in this, he would've.  I had to hide it at night.
Sunday, my older boy was watching Indiana Jones and my baby saw some of it and ALL I heard throughout the day was "I want a man bag like Indiana Jones".  I tried to ignore it for a while but after hours of constant asking, we went to the basement, he picked out this material, and I made this in about 15 min.  Sooooo, everytime we go somewhere, he wants to carry this thing!  Yikes. 

The boys were supposed to be in bed and I heard a noise coming from their room.  I opened the door and this what I saw.  Yep, sometimes I do feel like I live with a bunch of aliens!!

Happy Wednesday!!!  Blessings!


  1. finally figured it out!! LC cant wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!!

  2. I miss you guys! Yep, that means the aliens and cousin It!