Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling Lousy

Yesterday was my sweet boy's birthday so I ended up eating things that weren't on my diet.  Since eating raw foods, my RA and fibro symptems haven't been as bad.  I was sleeping better, feeling better during the day, and then yesterday rolls around around.  I thought, hey, it won't be so bad to eat the cheese and crackers, onion rings, and cupcakes.  WELL, let me just tell you, that TODAY is a MISERABLE day!  Thank the lord for my baby girl.  She does reflexology pretty darn well!  Yep, I'm training her up good:)

When I find my camera, I'll take pic of the green octopus cupcakes that Caleb wanted for his bday. 

This is what I feel like this morning:
 Happy Sunday and blessings!!

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  1. Dont forget the Chicken Sandwich you had Friday! Youre welcome!! Sorry you feel bad :'(