Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Morning

I woke up this morning, so excited to be the only one up!  So I walked downstairs to start the coffee pot when I heard a toilet flush.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????  6am on a Sunday and I have a kid up??  That or someone has broken in and decided to use our bathroom.  My 7 yr. old was already up wanting breakfast.  Uh, no.  I got up early to have some me time with my coffee and breakfast isn't happening this early.  No way, uh uh, not going to happen!!!  At that point, I was still going on with my plan.  I urged him to head to the basement, watch some cartoons, play some video games, color on the walls, whatever!  I just want my little bit of time alone!!!  So, I get my coffee, head back up to my bed, thinking that I could revel in this glorious quiet time.  5 min passes, 10 min passes...he's back up with his Nintendo DS and climbs in bed with me.  My face goes straight.  I guess that I shouldn't complain since he wants to spend some time with me but this is my time!  Think that I'll head to the bathroom with my computer.  No one will get to me there!!!


  1. what do you mean they won't get you there? do you have a secret bathroom lock situation that keeps them out? they find me there......they find me EVERYWHERE! i don't take a bath without someone coming to the door (whining) about something. i do not brush my teeth or anything else one does in a bathroom without having to referee an argument amongst siblings - usually from behind the door- but i'm not always that lucky!!!lol

  2. Hahahaha!!!! This made me laugh! That is usually how it is at my house! I went into the bathroom, locked it, and ignored anyone who came into the bathroom!! LOL! I know, I'm awful. I just needed a few minutes of quiet!