Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calypso Mama - Gin and coconut water

Ok, with the weather warming up and today was just an amazingly, beautiful day, I've been thinking about a vacation.  I need to be at the beach soaking up the vitamin D!  Soooo, i've been looking at escapes lately; something that the kids would enjoy as well as myself!  So, in the spirit of some sunshine, here's something for your listening pleasure!!  Thank you to my friend Moodthy @ My Crazy Sexy Life for the song inspiration!


  1. hmmm...i have both of these ingredients. are you suggesting a cocktail tonight? :) happy monday!

  2. I think southwest florida would be a good place for you to visit! when are you looking to go? what are you wanting to find/ do? we live on a little peninsula off the big peninsula just off the most beautiful island you've ever seen..... happy to help you plan something - that could be a great adventure! (within the budget)

  3. Umm...are you taking me and my family??