Monday, January 10, 2011

Something to Ponder...

So, today my horoscope said to "Cook a meal, walk the dog, do whatever relaxes you most today.  Frayed nerves lead to out-of-the blue tears".  I don't put alot of stock into horoscopes.  I really just read them for fun but this SHOULD have applied to me today but with a snow storm coming through, washing tons of wet clothes, and trying to entertain the kiddos, it was DEFINITELY NOT relaxing!  Sooooo, I worked on some new peices for my jewelry.  Pottery peices, actually.  I'm going to get them up and running this week!!  I'm excited and scared but it's time.  I've been putting it off WAY too long so stay tuned!!! 

Ok, a couple of pics from our lovely snow!
Ahhh, my lovely girl!  I couldn't find a hat so I wore my 7 yr. old's skater cap! 

Awww, at least one of them is being loving.  I guess that's all I can ask for!

And of course my baby would be grinning from ear to ear!  I could eat him up!

Ok, stay warm, stay positive, and the warmest blessings to you:)

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