Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not exactly raw, but getting there...

Since it's been cold, my body has been wanting warm foods, so one of my favorites that I've been eating NON-STOP is black bean spaghetti and raw alfredo sauce.  I can't even begin to explain to you exactly how much I love the sauce!  I use it for everything!  The black bean spaghetti is so yummy and such a great source of protein!  My kids actually  tried it and liked it but aren't willing to eat it so much because of the spaghetti being black!  Crazy!  Anyhoo, I totally suggest trying it!!!! 
Another way to start a day would be hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and little pure maple syrup!  It will kickstart your metabolism and make you all warm inside! 

Have a wonderful, warm, and blessed day!


  1. ok, i've got to try that hot drink..wondering why you neglected to tell me about this.. :P

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gonna try the hot drink- where do you get raw alfredo sauce? whole foods?

  4. Hey there! I make the alfredo sauce! It's cashews, lemon juice, tahini, tamari sauce, mustard, salt and pepper. You can add a little bit of water or almond milk!