Monday, January 31, 2011

Affirmation Today: I am successful in all I do

This picture just makes me happy!  I hope that you can find something that makes you happy today, too!
I love getting handwritten letters in the mail.  Postcards, too, but this day and age, we've become too dependent on electronics: emails,text...   It loses it's personal touch.  So, I've decided that I'm going to design some stationary and start mailing letters to my friends and family.  I do know that this will take some time, but this is one one of my goals this year! 
Also, second goal is to start marketing my jewelry!  This week will be busy doing those two things inbetween homeschooling the kiddos!  Oy, doesn't leave much time for sleep, does it? 
Onto more of my list of things that I'm thankful for:
7. My close group of friends
8. for the smell of coffee brewing in the mornings
9. A God that is so forgiving
10. the fact that I can make my 5yr. old smile even when he's crying
11. watching my daughter put in her pink hair extensions
12. all of the pictures that my Caleb has drawn and painted for me

Make today the best day that you can!  Sending positive energy and hugs your way!
Many blessings!


  1. lovin your blog- look forward to reading more- i see you are a fan of "in courage" - meeeee too! i think you'll like my blog- i'm interested in learning more about raw foods also- i have RA
    God Bless! tks, kelli

  2. i so agree with what you say about writing letters. computers are great...but so impersonal. i just received my book {for bloom book club} yesterday. i love it! i think i'm probably going to read it before the discussions start and then re-read each chapter as the club discusses them. i love it too much to wait!