Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, knitting, and Black Friday

Thanksgiving came and went, quickly (which is just how I like it).  Nothing too spectacular, just the same ole, same ole.   Turkey (which I didn't eat) and all the fixin's!  I did start shopping Thursday night when the Black Friday sales started!  I DID get a few GREAT deals!  Let's just say that Benjamin will be LOVING some Toy Story things!  Friday, I got the great idea to hit Walmart and to my wonderful surprise, it wasn't packed with fighting and shoving people!  The rest of that day was filled with jewelry making.  Pics will come soon. 

So, one of my nearest and dearest friends knits and she inspired me to go get some knitting needles and yarn.  After two days and MANY hours, I believe that I've come to the conclusion that apparently my brain CAN NOT comprehend how to knit stitch!!  I wanted to take those needles and stab the wall with them!!!  It's sorta like getting road rage, you're just yelling at yarn and needles.  I guess that Youtube shouldn't be my teacher, huh? 

To all the people that may or may not get a knitted whatever it comes out to be, for Christmas, just know that it was made with love...and frustration...

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