Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Brother

My little brother, who isn't so little anymore, just made me laugh.  Not him exactly...his offspring, my neice.  She just let me know that because her head is big doesn't mean that she's smart!  HA!  I have to say through all of the years from dressing him up in girl's clothes and putting makeup on him, to his skateboarding days,  through his partying days, right up to his greatest accomplishments:  my neice and nephew:  Anna Kate and Will, I have always been proud of him!
These are the reasons that I love my brother:
  • He's very easygoing
  • he has a great sense of humor or should I say a dry sense of humor
  • he produced two hilarious, cute offspring
  • he told me about some new apps for my phone
  • he has helped me out through the years
  • he dresses nice
  • he can ALWAYS find a deal (which isn't really fair)
  • he let me drive his truck (even though he got mad in highschool when mom and dad let me drive his car)
  • he gave me a great sister in law
Now mind you, there are many more reasons that I think that he's great and I can SURE think of many reasons that irritate me (like taking me to the mall to XMAS shop right after I had surgery, on pain pills, made me drive so that he could laugh at me, and took an EXTREMELY long time to make up his mind on what he wanted to buy) but I don't think that I could ask for a better brother! 

This is my bro and little Will (who isn't so THIS little now)!

This is my bro and his beautiful family!!! 

Ok, that's all for now.  I just had to give him a little recognition:):)

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