Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This year has been a real challenge.  I decided to take the kids out of their normal school setting to try the public virtual school.  Basically, it's like homeschooling b/c I'm the one that has to make sure that the kids have a routine and get their school work done.  They do have teachers and online classes where they can talk to and see the other children.  That's great!  But I have that one child.  You know, the one that pushes your buttons, acts like he doesn't listen, the one that makes you wonder where you're going wrong?  This kid acts completely bored, that he doesn't care about a thing that I say.  WELL, after reviewing his school work and tests, he  managed to get EVERYTHING right!  I finally figured out why he's acting the way that he does...he's not challenged enough in school.  He breezes through it.  We'll definitely be making some curriculum changes...

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