Monday, September 27, 2010

From Raw to vegan...maybe...

After a month of eating totally raw, I have begin venturing into vegan: soy cheese, tofu, and these WONDERFUL vegan herb crackers that I found here:  I made these and they are incredible!  I have found that it's really fun to play around with different ingredients to see what I can come up with!  I still start my day with a green smoothie (my main ingredients are baby spinach or kale, apples, bananas, an avocado, and ground flax seed or hemp seed) and I do find that a majority of my diet is raw but I do have those standbys that are there in case of a craving:  soy cheese, flax crackers, vegan cupcakes, and definitely almond milk. 

Above are the vegan herb crackers that I made.  Notice that they aren't the same color as the one in The Kind Life.  It's because I used rice flour instead of almond flour.  They still turned out super yummy!

Ok, here is my updated version of the vegan herb crackers.  Last time I used rice flour and this time I used the almond flour!  They are GREAT!

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